Rameera Robbalaa

Founder & CEO

Rameera Robbalaa has an eye for detail , fervor for innovative strategy, and a passion for politics. Rameera is an accomplished and dedicated professional with a proven track record of achieving consistent results related to community organizing and outreach, campaigning, developing key strategies where political and/ or community outreach are concerned, and increasing overall political influence, information sharing, and interest. A passionate and determined leader, with a history of going beyond what is expected, promoting a cause and driving interest, and working until the task is accomplished an impact is made, and the desired results are achieved.

With over a decade of experience in strategy development, campaign management and staff recruitment, Rameera has been a political consultant for dozens of city, state local races.Rameera has direct campaigning experience in NY, NC, SC, OK, AR, IA, GA, TX . Rameera has been a  part of  three United States' presidential election cycles. (Obama 2012, Sanders 2016, Clinton 2016 , and Bloomberg 2020). In March 2020 Rameera began working as a consultant with the DNC to advise on hiring and personnel strategy  for battleground states and in that capacity produced resources for Colorado's field strategy.

Rameera served as the East States Organizing Director for Bloomberg 2020. In this capacity, she managed 14 state organizing directors  and hundreds of organizing staff to implement and execute direct voter strategy, get out the vote strategy, volunteer recruitment/retention,. As well as to host/organize thousands of  surrogate and non principal events. In just 2 months the Bloomberg 2020 organizing team knocked  on over 2 million doors  and   held more than 12 million voter conversations. Rameera collaborated with leadership in the following states and  territories MA, ME, MI, VA, PA, NY, NJ, CT, VT, VA, MD, FL, NC, RI, PR, AL, DC, NH,  to carry out the national organizing objectives. 

In her former role Rameera served as Vice President of Operations and Senior Account Executive for 5 years where she performed administrative functions to hire, train, facilitate new hires for the campaigning needs of CSA Inc. Rameera managed all payroll processes, MWBE certification processes, billing and invoicing. She also performed proposal and contract creation for the firm.
 Aa a political consultant with CSA Inc. where she managed field strategy and implementation of several winning campaigns. The most recent to date being Melinda Katz –Queens DA race.

Rameera was a  registered lobbyist with CSA Inc., and worked to help service client needs. She provided service to both government relation clients and community outreach clients.

Previously, Rameera worked as a political consultant with Hilltop Public Solutions where she served as the Brooklyn Regional Field Director. In this capacity Rameera mobilized Airbnb hosts to political action on the city and state level, increased small business support borough wide, hosted and orchestrated community events, and she trained and managed Airbnb organizers, so that the Brooklyn team effectively advocated for the Airbnb platform and Airbnb hosts. Rameera met with city and statewide elected officials whose districts were located within Fort Greene and Clinton Hill neighborhoods of Brooklyn on behalf of hosts.

Rameera worked with the Working Families Party as a field director and deputy campaign manager on city council and state races.

Rameera entered the New York political scene via Citizen Action of NY as their NYC organizer to expand the chapter and to organize members around a number of key issues. 

Rameera worked as a field organizer with Obama for America, where she built strong Neighbor Teams and increased voter turnout over approximately 2% in the county.  In this capacity Rameera trained  a team that successfully registered over approximately 2,000 voters across Cleveland County, Mecklenburg County, and Gaston County, nearly 500 of these new registrants were from her direct targeted area in Cleveland County.

Rameera holds a degree in Political Science from the University of Oklahoma and a Masters of Science in Human Resource Management

 In her spare time, Rameera loves to bike, bake, and  brush up on Arabic & French with her son. The Sooners are her favorite sports team.