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Raiesha Robbalaa

Account Executive-Researcher

A dedicated field strategist and researcher from the minute Raiesha joined our team she has been making an impressive impact with their creative ideas and solutions.

Raiesha was born and raised in Oklahoma. She received her Bachelors in Biology from Howard University. Raiesha is currently an MBA candidate  with a keen interest in national, state, and local politics.  Raiesha is an experienced organizer and field manager with savvy in VAN, Excel, and social media platforms; Hustle, Twitter, IG, and Facebook. 

Upon graduating from Howard University Raiesha worked as a Deputy Field Director on the Katz 4 Queens DA race in 2019. 

 In her spare time Raiesha likes to do yoga, sew, and play with her puppies (Chief and Shuggie). 

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